New Features

  • Metadata plugboards: Allow creation of plugboards for email delivery.
  • Tweak EPUB: Also allow tweaking of HTMLZ files (when both EPUB and HTMLZ are present, EPUB is preferred, this can be changed via Preferences->Tweaks).
  • TXT Input: Support direct conversion of files with extensions .md, .markdown and .textile.
  • E-book viewer: Speed up the optional hyphenation algorithm by upgrading the hyphenator library calibre uses
  • Drivers for PocketBook 611, Motorola Razr Droid and Onyx Boox i62

Bug Fixes

  • MOBI Output: When converting a paragraph that contains only a non-breaking space into a line break, ignore paragraphs with height less than 2pt.
  • MOBI Input: Handle MOBI files that specify anchor point exactly at pagebreaks. These are apparently produced by John Wiley and Sons.
  • Fetch news dialog: The Download now button is no longer scrolled out of view on OS X for news sources that require credentials
  • Fix commas being removed from author names when generating filenames in the calibre library
  • ODT Input: Dont crash on empty links
  • ebook-convert: Allow use of leading ./ when specifying output file names.
  • Fix deleting of hierarchical searches broken in Tag Browser
  • Metadata search and replace: Fix rendering error when choosing {template}
  • Fix calibre not starting when stray .po files are present in the working directory
  • Do not error out when getting metadata for authors if the author name has either ::: or :#: in it.


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