New Features

  • Support for reading Amazon’s new KF8 format
  • Add a tweak to Preferences->Tweaks to control the font size used in the book details panel
  • Allow specifying a list of file types to exclude when automatically adding files from a folder
  • Show ratings in the book details panel as stars. Also allow the user to change the alignment of the ratings column in the main books list. No longer display the stars in blue, instead their color can be customized via the column coloring rules, like any other column
  • When setting metadata in EPUB ensure that the tag has its name attribute first. Needed for the Nook.
  • Drivers for Novo 7, LG G2x and Zenithink T-280
  • Update linux binaries to Qt 4.8.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fix some rar files causing crashes on OS X (updated libunrar.dylib in the OS X build)
  • MOBI Output: Ignore the Table of Contents pointed to by the guide, if it contains no links
  • ODT Input: Ignore margin declaration in ODT styles if more specific margin-* declarations are present
  • Conversion pipeline: Fix @import rules in CSS stylesheets that have comments on their first few lines being ignored.
  • EPUB Input: When extracting the contents of epub files on windows, do not error out if one or more of the components in the epub file have filepaths containing characters that are invalid for the windows filesystem, instead, just replace those characters, since those entries are likely to be errors in the zip container anyway.
  • Textile output: Fix issue with blockquotes and sentences getting removed.
  • MOBI Output: When using the prefer author sort conversion option, handle multiple authors better.
  • Fix regression in 0.8.41 that broke direct connection to iDevices in windows
  • Fix the download bulk metadata completed popup causing a crash if the Esc key is pressed.
  • Fix rating values doubled in CSV/XML catalogs
  • EPUB Input: Remove non markup documents from the spine automatically, instead of erroring out
  • When formatting ratings in templates, etc., do not have an unnecessary .0
  • Calibre portable: Do not allow calibre portable to run if it is placed in a location whose path is too long. Also hide the library location setup in the welcome wizard when running the portable build.
  • Fix regression in 0.8.41 that broke calibre if the TMP or TEMP environment variable is set to the root of a drive.
  • Fix display of ratings type custom fields in the content server

(Via calibre Changelog.)


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