Moonlight BloggerThis is another of those opportunities that’s potentially too useful to ignore – while it lasts. It’s a volume of advice from a well-established copy-editor on, well, copy-editing, which also can benefit editors of all kinds, including writers editing their own work. And it happens to contain tips for writers on preparing their manuscripts and other useful guidance. Oh, and until the Kindle offer expires, it’s free.

Carol Fisher Saller is, according to her Amazon blurb, “a senior manuscript editor at the University of the Chicago Press and an editor of The Chicago Manual of Style.” She is the author of The Subversive Copy Editor, or, How to Negotiate Good Relationships with Your Writers, Your Colleagues, and Yourself (University of Chicago Press, 2009), which has been described as “an ideal complement to any style guide: practical, relentlessly supportive and full of ed-head laughs,” and garnered substantial further praise, as far as I can see and as far as her blog, The Subversive Copy Editor, tells me. That blog also provided the 88 essays which have now been collected into Moonlight Blogger, the volume currently available for free on Kindle.

With essay titles like “Advice for Writers: Preparing Your E-Manuscript” and “Writing Tics: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t,” you can probably understand why I downloaded a copy as soon as I came across this offer. Of course, the supporting plaudits may all be hype, but I suspect that the essays are substantially helpful to authors and editors – or authors moonlighting and scraping a living as editors – and therefore advise you to click on over to Amazon and get your copy too. You have nothing to lose except your tics …

(p.s. and no, I’m not a friend or fan of the author. I just figured it would be useful to people.)


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