very welcome news out of Google I/O 2016 that Google’s Chromebooks will soon be able to run Android apps off the Google Play Store has obviously started up some discussion about how far Google will continue to push Android tablets. But it also must have started many potential buyers and ebook fans looking at Chromebook choices. I know it has me, and ebook reading apps like Bookari have been in my mind in that context. Will all the Chromebooks out there actually run Android ebook reading and other apps though?

Well, Google has handlily shared a list of Chromebooks and other devices running Chrome OS that will be able to run Google Play Store and Android apps. Note that initially the list of Chromebooks that will be Android app-capable right at the start in mid-June is limited to just three devices: the Acer Chromebook R11, the Asus Chromebook Flip (as in the picture above), and the Google Chromebook Pixel 2015 edition. Otherwise, there are plenty more Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Chromebases that “will work with Android apps later in 2016.” But there is no exact date yet. And according to the Google page, “we’ll update this list as new devices are added. Even if your Chromebook isn’t on this list, it will continue to get new features and improvements.” But I wouldn’t count on getting Android apps if you have a rather older vintage Chromebook device. Samsung, for instance, despite its long track record of supporting the Chrome OS, seems especially poorly supported. Still, this list will almost certainly affect your Chromebook buying choices.


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