Comics-FireWe’re excited to announce that over 100 comics and graphic novels are now available in ebook format for the first time exclusively for use on Kindle Fire, the new full-color touch-screen Kindle device.  Titles include Alan Moore’s Hugo Award-winning graphic novel, Watchmen, as well as the best-selling graphic novels Batman: Year One, Superman: Earth One, and Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed Sandman series.

With Kindle Fire, you can enjoy your books in vivid, full-color layouts with the convenience of the Kindle reading experience. Graphic novels come alive on Kindle Fire with Kindle Panel View. Double-tap on any region to see it magnified. You can also swipe forward or backward to be guided through the panels in the author’s own sequence for an immersive reading experience.

Explore the full selection of comics and graphic novels available on Kindle in the all-new Comics & Graphic Novels store.

(Via Kindle Post US.)


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