Is the free Office 365 worth it? On my screen right now is Tiger Electronics’s ad for a “Double Power 7” Tablet – Intel® Quad Core 1.3GHz (Max Speed 1.83GHz), 32GB Storage, 1024×600, Dual Cameras, Bluetooth 4.0 Keyboard, Windows 8.1/ Free Windows 10 upgrade and McAfee 2016 Multi-Access 1 U” and, yes, Office 365. Price? $19.99 after rebates.

The $19.95 deal expires tomorrow, Nov. 11, based on one of the rebate dates, so hurry if you’re interested. Just keep in mind that most of the reviewers hated the machine, and worse, you’re agreeing to “Activate and Install McAfee Multi Access, and to enroll in the Auto Renewal feature. You may opt out of the Auto Renewal any time after the 10th month of your 1 year subscription term.” Better have a good to-do arrangement! Then again, you can go for a $29.99 deal without the McAfee complication.

At any rate, remember that Office 365 Personal normally costs $70 a year.

B 7” Tablet – Intel® Quad Core 1.3GHz (Max Speed 1.83GHz),32GB Storage, 1024x600, Dual Cameras, Bluetooth 4.0 Keyboard, Windows 8.1- Free Windows 10 upgrade and McAfee 2016 Multi-Access 1 U

(Via Lilliputing, which picked up on the 365 angle.)


  1. I try to avoid deals that involve big rebates. More than a few of the “fulfillment companies” try to cheat in any way possible. I once had one try to claim I hadn’t sent the UPC in while sending the UPC back to me. Besides, I use LibreOffice anyway.

  2. @Thomas: I myself would prefer to use LibreOffice, but in the past have suffered compatibility problems, and I want to use some Word add-ons. That said, I know LibreOffice has made improvements. So thanks for the jog. As for Tiger-related rebates, they’ve worked for me in the past although there are no guarantees about the future.

  3. A neighbor of mine volunteers some of his time helping to improve Libre Office. I once told him that MS Office is pretty much hassle-free, whereas using Libre Office nearly always involves one hassle or another. My neighbor’s reply: “Pretty much so.” Free is not cost-free.

    Regarding the topic of the thread: yes, one should be skeptical of such a freebie- or near freebie.

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