crayola-mWe’ve seen a number of different types of books turned into e-books, so why not coloring books? That seems to be Crayola’s philosophy. PaidContent reports the company is partnering with interactive storybook app publisher Ruckus Media to publish a series of coloring e-books for iOS and Android. Presumably they will work like its other iPad apps that let kids “color” with their fingers or a stylus.

Sounds like fun, but hopefully any parents who use this will first make sure their kids know to use fingers, not crayons or permanent markers. (And when did Crayola start using that creepy-looking mouth logo, anyway?)


  1. I keep picturing all those greasy little finger prints smeared all over my screen; or, even worse, all those scratches from little ones who are too heavy handed with the stylus.

    And, you’re right, that Crayola smiley thing is a little creepy.

  2. My kids (now adults) were very early computer users. You teach them only to use the computer under supervision, and that they must have clean hands first. If you’re concerned about their grading of stylus use, don’t allow it: get apps which use finger touch only.

    It’s like any other tool for kids to use: they need supervision and support. Tools/toys are not a substitute for parental care.

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