Screen shot 2009-12-26 at 11.20.23 AM.pngDear Author’s Jane has a great article on how to set up your own cloud of ebooks. You need Dropbox (free) to set up the cloud, Calibre (free) to set up a library in the cloud and the Calibre Open Publication Distribution System (free) to manage the cloud.

Her instructions are for Windows, but if you check the comments you will see a link to instructions for the Mac and a lot of other helpful tips on how to get everything working. I don’t have any need for this, but I do use Dropbox on a regular basis to share files with my daughter. It always works like a charm.

UPDATE: This method has since been superceded by calibre2opds.


  1. Try the iPhone Txtr app to do pretty much the same thing without the same thing without all the “fiddling”.
    I’m surprised more people haven’t praised this app for what it does. Sold my Sony eReader. Now I can read everything on my iPhone.

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