ever-expanding-grab-bag-front-page-bannerNow into its final 48 hours, the Ever-Expanding Grab Bag Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign from horror and dark/weird fiction independent Dark Regions Press has managed to land $14,474 at the time of writing, in just 13 days, against an original target of $4,400. That’s almost 330 percent funded – and counting.

“Customers who support this Indiegogo campaign will be supporting the production of multiple projects coming in 2015 from Dark Regions Press,” as the DRP blurb explains. “The Ever-Expanding Grab Bags will be shipping to customers by July 2015 and the grab bags ship to United States customers for free!”

The campaign has gone through seven stretch goals already, and looks likely to hit its eighth soon, bringing a new color artwork piece by cover artist Daniele Serra. And the secret of its success? Probably the series of very tempting new titles offered as part of the rewards bundles. Those include signed trade paperbacks of Like a Dead Man Walking by William F. Nolan, A Mountain Walked: Great Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos edited by S. T. Joshi, and Discoveries: Best of Horror and Dark Fantasy, edited by James R. Beach and Jason V. Brock. There are also discounts on special items such as slipcased hardcover editions of World War Cthulhu: A Collection of Lovecraftian War Stories and Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. With new work and quality classics like those, there is plenty to attract dedicated horror fans – and there are obviously enough of those around to deliver a showcase campaign. Crowdfunding for indie publishing has seldom looked brighter – or, well, darker.


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