eBookNewser has some coverage of a children’s book panel from Digital Book World today. One consensus to come out of the panel is that children’s book apps lack curation to weed out the 90% of lousy apps to make it easier to find the 3,000 or so good ones. Whereas in the print world there are stores and book clubs that help readers determine these things, it is a lot harder in the world of apps.

Of course, this kind of holds true for adult books, too, at least to an extent. And the star rating system on the app store at least provides some idea of how good or bad a given app is going to be. The eBookNewser piece is rather brief, and does not really go into detail as to exactly what kind of curation the panelists were suggesting, however, beyond a potential for affiliate sales programs.

There is at least some curation already out there, of course. Kids Book Review is an app that reviews other children’s books, for example. But certainly as new as the e-book industry is, there’s still plenty of room for more.


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