Lifeboats_Second_Pass_largeDiane Duane’s e-book store is currently running a 60% off sale on all e-books in its catalog, which should end sometime soon when the new Young Wizards novella, “Lifeboat,” is released. “Lifeboat” marks the final volume in a trilogy of novellas that forms a prelude to the next Young Wizards novel, Games Wizards Play. The exact end date/time of the sale hasn’t been announced.

On a related note, I’m pleased to announce Diane Duane will be my guest on an upcoming episode of the TeleRead Podcast. I plan to talk to her about the European VAT follies of late last year and what effect they’ve had on her e-book store, as well as the recent New Millennium Editions of the novels and the forthcoming new Young Wizards book. Any listeners who chat or phone in live will also have a chance to pose questions! The show is scheduled for July 25 at 12:00 noon Eastern Time.


  1. If readers have every enjoyed her Young Wizards series (So you want to be a Wizard), she refreshed those (exclusively) in the ebook version recently. She calls these the New Millennium editions, you can get the whole set of 9 ebooks DRM-free in MOBI or EPUB for only $21.99 (with the 60% off, normally it’s $62.91!).

    What kind of changes? For example instead of book 1 starting in 1983(ish) with with the family getting an Apple II, it starts in 2008 with the computer being a MacBook Air. She also added a few scenes (earlier books got more work), fixed a few inconsistencies and that sort of thing (later books had significantly less changes). If you’re trying to get your kids to read these, they feel more modern (most of these books have 4.4+ stars on Amazon).

    What I really like about the series is there is not A main character, there are two: a girl and a boy. Also, I really like they have to practice (study) and be precise to do their spells (going to the moon with four people instead of two means more oxygen and more energy to get there).

    If you want to know more about the New Millennium editions, listen to the show (Chris said they’d cover it), but you don’t know if the sale will be on then….

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