loresjoberg Never one to pass up a chance to poke fun at an easy target, Internet humorist Lore Sjöberg has written a hilarious “Alt Text” column for Wired on “Library of Congress Rulings That Could Have Been”.

Other rulings give users the right to copy videogames for the purpose of researching the quality and type of security measures embedded therein — obviously the main reason people copy videogames — and the right to turn your electronic book into an electronic audio book, assuming there isn’t a legal audio book version already on the market.

I’m very excited about that last one, because at long last I can have A Million Random Digits With 100,000 Normal Deviates read to me to sleep at night.

Don’t miss his list of “rulings that the Library of Congress refused to make, on the grounds that nobody actually proposed them.” Perhaps Sjöberg could propose some of these himself next time around.


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