promo-mThere are plenty of read-it-later style applications that save web documents to a special application on your tablet or smartphone, but what if you want to load them onto your e-reader instead? There’s a Google Chrome extension for that. DotEPUB will allow one-click saving of web content into EPUB files that you can load into your EPUB-compatible reader. (Kindle owners are out of luck.)

Of course, it’s been possible to do the same thing with Instapaper plus Calibre for a while now, but that does add an intermediate step.

(We did mention this a year ago, but it’s such a useful tool that seeing a mention on Lifehacker is a great excuse to bring it up again.)


  1. I’ve been using the bookmarklet to use dotEpub with Mobile safari on my ipad for a long time now. The resulting ePub files work great with Stanza and iBooks and a few others. Doesn’t take more than two taps with most non graphics heavy web pages.

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