Amazon Kindle Touch software updateSo maybe you like keeping Collections on your Kindle, but you think it’s a pain to organize them on the device. Or perhaps you have two devices, and you like to keep the Collections in sync. Fortunately, it’s easy, and I’m going to show you how.

Note that if you have an older Kindle (Keyboard and earlier), you can use the Kindle Collections plugin from Calibre to easily organize your collections. And, unfortunately, neither the Fire nor Kindle apps support Collections. This is an E Ink device only feature.

The easiest way to set up Collections is on your computer, using the desktop Kindle app, which is the only app that supports Collections. Add all the books you want to the app and organize them.

As you’ll see, I now have seven books organized in collections.

Time to move to my Kindle Touch, where you’ll see that I’ve added several new books, none of which have been moved to Collections.

In Cloud view on your Kindle Touch or Paperwhite, open the menu and select “Import Collections.”

Select the Kindle you’ve done the organizing on, and you’ll get the following screen. Select “OK” and let it do it’s thing.

And voila! All my books are now organized in collections. It was easy and only took a couple of minutes.


  1. The Mantano Pro ebook reading app supports the same kind of categorisation and synchronising books between Android devices via wi-fi if you subscribe to their Cloud service — currently starting at $10 per year. It’s a little annoying that there’s no option to add books to their library directly from a PC, but hopefully that will come.

    At the moment I have it linked in to the Ubuntu One cloud service, so the procedure for adding books goes like this: go to Calibre on the PC, copy the books to the Ubuntu One directory, open up Ubuntu One on any Android device, download the books, then open Mantano on that device and import them from the Ubuntu One directory into the Mantano library. The cloud synchronisation then takes care of the rest. Generally I’m pretty happy with it.

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