Firebrand TechnologiesI’m guessing that the majority of regular TeleRead readers are familiar with the eBook Ninjas Podcast, which takes a very deep and high-level look at the e-reading industry and subculture with roughly two or three new episodes each month. (Click here to stream or download to the Ninjas’ 2012 Year In Review episode, featuring TeleRead’s own Joanna Cabot.)

eBook Architects, eBook Ninjas PodcastThe Ninjas’ podcast is actually something of an extra-curricular service offered by an e-book conversion company known as eBook Architects. Today, an announcement was made that the Austin, Texas-based eBook Architects has been acquired by the 25-year-old Firebrand Technologies, a digital publishing solutions company that offers services not unlike those offered by eBook Architects.

If you happen to be either an eBook Architects client or an eBook Ninjas fan, there’s apparently no need to worry about impending changes. A note from eBook Architects founder Joshua Tallent on the company’s website promises that …

“Your interactions with me and the whole team here at eBook Architects will remain the same. We will continue to work out of our Austin, Texas office, and we remain committed to providing the same great eBooks you have come to expect. We are very proud of our many successes over the last four years, and we look forward to many more in the future.”

Congratulations all around!


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