So says an article in The Bookseller:

E-book sales in France amounted to 1.8% of total book sales last year, or €54m (£48.9m) excluding applications and licences, according to Antoine Gallimard, president of the French Booksellers Association (Syndicat National de l’Edition) and c.e.o. of Editions Gallimard.

Although online sales of e-books rose by some 40% year-on-year in 2010, they still represented only about a third of the 1.8%, Gallimard told the SNE general assembly yesterday. The other two-thirds were made up of physical forms of distribution, such as CD-Roms and USB keys. If applications and licence revenues are added, SNE figures show that e-books held 2.5% of the book market last year.

“There is a real gap between the fascination for digitisation and its commercial reality,” said Gallimard. “It is difficult to distinguish between credible promising for the opening and growth of our markets and fantasies that this new technological age can generate . . . the people who are getting rich today are the tablet vendors.”


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