highlander-uk-logo.jpgAccording to the ePub Books Blog, Highlander is offering two one day session in March and April in the UK, at 350Pounds.

The course covers (among other things):

* Overview
o EPUB vs. PDF
o Supported devices
o What is kept and what is lost in EPUB?
* Overview of InDesign long documents
* Adobe Digital Editions reader
o Evaluating an EPUB in Digital Editions
* Modifying documents for EPUB export
* Video and your eBook
* Managing images for EPUB export
* The Export Process
o Embed metadata
o Embed fonts
* What is the EPUB format
o Converting EPUB to other eBook formats
o Applications used to create eBooks
o Applications used to read eBooks
o Applications used to convert eBooks to other eBook formats
o Other eBook formats

More details at the site.


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