slowreadingcov_ss.jpgI’ve been diverted by an experiment in epublishing. It must remain a sideline till I’m clear of other projects, but as I experiment with it I will document findings in a series, call it Epublishing Take 1, starting with this post.

Building an epub ebook from scratch. I stumbled across a tutorial on how to build an epub file from scratch. It took about sixty seconds to create my first epub ebook.

Building an epub ebook using eCub software. I used eCub software to create an epub ebook from a handful of text files that make up the content of my side blog, John’s Veggie Recipes. This software was intuitive, with a GUI for defining ebook metadata and a cover. I had to save my text files with UTF8 encoding in TextPad in order to use them in eCub.Viewing epub books using Calibre software. Calibre is open source ebook management software. I’ve only scratched the surface of it, but I used it to view the epub file. Very nice.

John’s Veggie Recipes was just intended as a place to start making my recipes accessible online, but having a ebook version is handy too. I can put it on an ereader for use in the kitchen. The content will be changing frequently. It’s a great way to start experimenting with epublishing. I will write about it as I learn about it.

If you’re at all interested, you can download the very simple ebook. It can be viewed in any ereader that supports epub or using Calibre.


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