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From Europeana:

The plan sets out a clear vision for the further development of Europeana. It focuses on four strategic tracks – aggregate, facilitate, distribute and engage – that will enable us to generate real value for our stakeholders.

In the light of the release this week of The New Renaissance, the Comité des Sages’ report on digital cultural heritage to the Commission, this is an opportune moment to look at Europeana’s future direction. Download the full colour version or the black and white print version of the Strategic Plan 2011-2015.

From the Strategic Report:

We are achieving our objective as an  aggregator, and aim to give access to  all of Europe’s digitised cultural heritage  by 2025. However, to remain successful in the future we need now to move from  a centralised role to a more distributed  model. Europeana will take its place in a wider European information space, collaborating with other aggregators of  content. From the users’ perspective, Europeana’s content will be readily accessible in the places they frequent online – social networks, educational sites and cultural spaces.

Our ambition is to provide new forms of access to culture, to inspire creativity and stimulate social and economic growth. To achieve this, Europeana and  its stakeholders grapple with major challenges. Primary among these are the intellectual property barriers to digitisation. Europeana will become  outmoded if it is not renewed through access to 20th and 21st century material. To ensure such access, more concerted efforts are needed at a European level to deal with orphan works and rights harmonisation. Secondly, it is vital that  the digitisation of Europe’s cultural and intellectual record is accelerated. Thirdly, long-term funding needs to be secured for both Europeana and the ecosystem of content providers and aggreators that supplies its lifeblood.

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