dinoAnd speaking of Kickstarter crowd-funded fiction projects, Wired’s GeekDad has a post on a Kickstarter project by Evil Hat Productions, publisher of the Spirit of the Century pulp adventure RPG (which I’ve mentioned before a time or two), to fund a trilogy of novels in the game’s main setting. Started with a goal of $5,000, thus far the project has received almost $37,000 in pledges, making it the second-most-highly-funded fiction Kickstarter ever. As it received more funding, the Evil Hat folks added a series of “stretch goals”—premiums they would kick in if the project hit certain targets—and the donations blasted past all of them.

As a result, anyone who contributes at least $10 will get DRM-free multiformat e-books of the seven tie-in novels that have been funded so far (the trilogy and four others), and larger donations qualify for other premiums including paperback or hardcover copies of the books. The exciting first chapter of the first novel, Dinocalypse Now, has been posted as a sample at Evil Hat chief Fred Hicks’s blog.

At $10 for seven e-books, based on a game I already have and like, it was not a tough decision.

The project stops accepting funding at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, Sunday April 22nd. If you’re looking for seven thrill-packed pulp adventure novels that you can get for the price of one Amazon bestseller, it looks like a really safe way to spend ten bucks.


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