Wikipedia-logo-en-big_thumb.pngWe’ve carried plenty of stories about Wikipedia hanky-panky, but this one has to win some kind of a prize. An industrious fan in Australia used a spur-of-the-moment Wikipedia edit to let him sneak backstage to hang out with dance duo Peking Duk.

David Spargo simply edited the band’s Wikipedia page to list himself as a member of their family, and then showed the Wikipedia page to a security guard to gain admission. The band thought Spargo was pretty cool, and seemed more amused about it than anything else, but it’s easy to imagine how this could be a concern in a different situation.

Of course, it wouldn’t necessarily work on any page; a lot of Wikipedia pages have people keeping an eye on them who would react quickly to an unsourced change. And for that matter, a lot of people do know better than to trust something just because it’s on Wikipedia. Still, it’s a clever trick, and good for a chuckle at least.


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