Google ReaderThe announcement of Google Reader’s shutdown has caused developers of other RSS readers to prepare themselves for an influx of users. Feedly happens to be one of those developers. Feedly revealed on its blog that it has been preparing to deal with Google Reader’s eventual closure for awhile. The fruits of its labor is a Google Reader API clone it’s been referring to as project Normandy. When Google Reader goes away on July 1, Normandy will make the transition super easy for any Feedly user.

Feedly told GigaOM it’s possible for other developers to use its cloned API just like Google’s official API.

“Our goal is to have the API be identical to the Google Reader un-official API,” a feedly spokesperson said. “So any client which plugs in to the API should be to easily migrate to Normandy. There are just a few things around authentication and ordering of categories and feeds which might be different.”

Feedly could be a great alternative to Google Reader. It already has applications available for iOS, Android, Chrome and Firefox. Its design is more sophisticated than Google Reader and has more features. For example, Feedly offers an in-app browser and YouTube integration. Its flair takes away from the straight-to-the-point style of Google Reader, so it may take some time getting used to.

Feedly is currently operating slower than normal as the team increases bandwidth to deal with all its new users. The slowdown is also impacting its mobile apps as well.


  1. What I like about Google Reader is that I can have a view WITHOUT photo images. It allows me to more quickly scan to find articles I want to read. I’ve tried many other RSS readers and the lack of a text title/headline only view drives me back to Google Reader. Plus I can view on my phone, tablet AND laptop. Not all RSS readers have that option.

    Don’t misunderstand. When I have time I will use news reader apps like Flipboard but Google Reader is a daily check and image based apps (Pulse, etc.) are ones I check 1-2 times a week when I have more time.

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