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Remember Autography, the e-book signing technology we wrote about last spring? (See Autograph E-Books in Your Bathrobe) We’ve been waiting for the first practical demo. It finally happened last week.

E-book publisher Open Road hosted an autographing – we think that’s the word for the process developed by the company’s co-founders T.J. Waters and Robert Barrett.

We hesitate because we’re still grounded in pens on paper.  Hell, we’re still grounded in places, the brick and mortar locations where autographing sessions used to be held. The Open Road session was conducted in a place (Bouchercon Mystery Conference, in St Louis, Missouri) but it didn’t have to be. It could have been performed by author Jonathon King in Rangoon, Paducah or Sasketoon and the lucky recipient of his cyber-greeting would not have been the wiser.

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