At the risk of mixing metaphors, just when I thought we could stick a fork in the popcorn-munching saga of copyright troll Righthaven, it lurches back from the grave to spread more amusement. Techdirt reports that, six months after being set aside by a court placing their company in receivership, it comes out that Steve and Raisha Gibson, formerly CEO and COO of Righthaven respectively, have hired another law firm to represent the company in one of its big defeats. This came to light when said law firm attempted to file some documents in the appeal six months late.

Lara Pearson, the court-appointed receiver for the bankrupt company, was very not amused, sending letters to the Gibsons, the law firms, and the court complaining about this misrepresentation, telling the Gibsons they were definitely fired, and planning to sue the Gibsons for malpractice.

I look forward to discovering what other miracles of mirth and mayhem this ongoing debacle manages to produce before the horse’s corpse finally stops twitching.


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