Once again Open Culture performs a good service by putting us onto these free ebooks.  Here’s the list and links.  More info about Dick in the article.

eTexts (find download instructions here)

  • “Beyond the Door” – Multiple formats – iTunes
    • First published in 1954, the text is not usually found in collections of Dick’s writings.
  • “Beyond Lies the Wub” – Multiple formats – iTunes
    • Dick’s first published story. Originally appeared in Planet Stories in July, 1952.
  • “Mr. Spaceship” – Multiple Formats
    • Appeared first in Imagination in 1953, and later in The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick.
  • “Piper in the Woods” – Multiple Formats
    • First published in 1953 in the fantasy and science fiction magazine, Imagination.
  • “Second Variety” – Multiple Formats
    • Influential short story first published in Space Science Fiction Magazinein May 1953.
  • “The Crystal Crypt” – Multiple Formats
    • Sci-fi story published in the January 1952 edition of Planet Stories.
  • “The Defenders” – Multiple Formats – iTunes
    • A 1953 sci-fi story that laid the foundation for Dick’s 1964 novel The Penultimate Truth.
  • “The Eyes Have It” – Multiple Formats – iTunes
    • One of the shortest, if not the shortest, of all of Philip K. Dick’s many short stories.
  • “The Gun” – Multiple Formats – iTunes
    • A 1952 sci-fi story that later appeared in The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick.
  • “The Skull” – Multiple Formats – iTunes
    • Same as right above.
  • “The Variable Man” – Multiple Formats
    • A 1953 novella written/sold by Philip K. Dick before he had an agent.


P.S. Don’t miss the film Philip K. Dick: A Day in the Afterlife (1994), a documentary appearing in our collection of Free Movies Online.


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