HarperCollins“Inspired by the example of Japan and South Korea, where publishers provide entire books and comics as downloads to mobile phones, HarperCollins is using SMS to send customers free excerpts of three books a month.” – The Age. Related: Three cheers for ‘Mammoth Mammonistic Snippets’! and comments, including some library-related ones.


  1. Thanks, Jane. Fixed. I try to check links but sometimes things fall through the cracks. Would that I had a copy desk! Adding to the problem, my desktop sometimes ignores the most recent “copy.” I’m always grateful for reports of bad links or other glitches. David

  2. “This month’s pack contains an excerpt from journalist Peter FitzSimon’s Tobruk, a history of the 1941 siege, along with samples from historical romance novelist Barbara Erskine’s Daughters of Fire, and fantasy writer Robin Hobb’s Forest Mage.”

    Hey, Jane, that oughta please the historical romance fans at DA. – D

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