Publishing Perspectives Library Licensing GuidePublishing Perspectives has just shared information on a resource it has developed jointly with “Bookwire, a platform specializing in the worldwide distribution of more than 100,000 ebooks and audiobooks of more than 1.000 publishers from around the world, and, a company specializing in the development of digital business models.”

A Guide to Ebook Licenses Purchase Models for Libraries and Publishers claims to offer an introduction to “a wide range of possibilities to employ new business models, whereby libraries will be able to offer e-lending services in keeping with the new trends in content consumption (book club streaming services, pay-as-you-read, etc.)”

The nine-page PDF guide is available for free download from the link above. I’m not exactly sure how authoritative it is: For one thing, I note the apparent absence of a law firm or legal advisor from the lineup of contributors. However, it does offer a brief bullet-point-style summary of the various generic types of e-book lending licence options available to libraries, and the factors that contribute to them. For librarians and library professionals, it may have some value as at least an introductory text. And of course it’s free, so by all means pick it up if your specialization bears on it.

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