Here’s a modest, economical, but very cute-looking crowdfunder from France – a pitch for a mere €800 ($855) to create a Lovecraftian horror short, La Cérémonie (The Ceremony), launched by some film students at the ENS Louis Lumière academy for their graduation project. The appeal page explains:

This is a film graduation project for ENS Louis Lumière – we would benefit from professional equipment and a talented team. The recreation of a 19th century ambience, with historical reproductions for the sets and costumes, as well as the application of fantasy film styling to the sound and lighting, gives us the opportunity to fully demonstrate the know-how we learned in three years at the school. The Lovecraftian inspiration of the script will also allow for some exhilarating experiences.

The creators’ pitch sets the scene:

Nicolas de Molay arrives by night at the small city of Alfeville, where he has to find his betrothed to marry her … But gradually, the strange behavior of the inhabitants begins to unnerve him. The ceremony to come may not be what he expected…

The money will be used to recreate the port where the protagonist arrives early in the film, with decor and costumes, as well as helping to cover all shooting costs. So if you feel like contributing to a good cause and spreading that old Lovecraftian madness just a little wider, trek on over to their fundraising site and donate now.


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