Samsung_Galaxy_Player_4.0_A while ago I wrote about the paucity of Android equivalents to the iPod Touch, and suggested that Samsung’s Galaxy Player might be such an equivalent. Shawn Ingram at our sister blog Gadgetell has just gotten its hands on the Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0, and also the Galaxy Tab 8.9, and has posted some first impressions.

In fact, first impressions are just about all it has of the two Players. (Ingram got his hands on a review unit of the Tab 8.9, and will review it more fully later, but apparently not for the Players.) It does note that the 4” version will cost $229 and the 5” $269 when they ship in mid-October, and that the screens were really bright and had good color. It also mentions that they come with only 8 GB of memory as default, but can be expanded with MicroSD cards.

Not a lot of information there—I’d have liked to see more information about how responsive they were in browsing the web, for instance—but if the devices are due out just next month, presumably more detailed reviews should start popping up soon. I’m particularly interested in how the 5” version is for reading—about halfway between the iPod’s 3.5” screen and most e-readers’ 7” screens, it is a size point we haven’t really seen much in use yet.

Update: Ars Technica has another first look, with more photos.


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