Goodereader drawing

The new touch-enabled PRS-T1 is available in Canada, and so GoodEReader was able to get a unit and review it. Here’s a snippet:

The new Sony PRS-T1 is simply the best Sony e-Reader product offering to date in the six inch class. It is not ideal to PDF documents like the Daily edition might do or larger screen devices such as the Kindle DX or Pocketbook 902. If you are just happy reading newspapers and ebooks, you can’t get much better then this.

This is one of the first e-readers I have reviewed all year that feels like it was made for 2011. Touchscreen e-readers are nothing new for Sony but it feels so refined and gives you options that you use daily if you are a book lover. Being able to borrow books from Overdrive and buy Books directly from the Sony Book Store and have them delivered via WIFI directly to your device is the tops.


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