Google News mobileThe Washington Post, New York Times and USA Today are now all allowing a single-page read option in their mobile editions, at least as displayed on my Palm TX. Thanks, folks. Saves lots of page-changing.

Meanwhile, just in case you didn’t know already, Google News is offering a mobile flavor in the States and elsewhere, including India. Screenshot is from the TX. Notice the ability to expand the list of headlines?

As I keep saying, this is all good news for e-books. The more people accustom themselves to reading text of any kind on PDAs and cell phones, the better. First: “No I won’t do it.” Next: “Only for newspapers.” Then: “E-books while waiting for the doctor.” And finally, perhaps: “Hey, I’ll take my PDA to bed and read myself asleep with an e-book.”


  1. Been using a Treo 90 for ebooks for over four years, now have over 250 on it and duplicated on a Palm TX. Glad to see more news organizations formatting for PDA’s and phones. Use eReader often for my sources of new books. Bypass operation left me with inability to concentrate while reading regular books. My PDA’s have saved my passion for reading. The key was the small screen and inability to lose my place. Medical profession refuses to acknowledge ineffectiveness of heart lung machine and possible side effects caused by lack of oxygen to brain during surgery. Urge others with my problem to try ebooks.

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