Several of us on TeleRead are fans of Google Play Books, and a nice feature was recently added. Now you can sync your notes, marks and highlights across devices. They are stored in a special folder in your Google Drive. The default name for the folder is Play Books Notes, but you can name it whatever you want.

The feature is buried in Settings, but you only have to activate it once, and then all your notes will be synced.

Google Play Books - Screenshot_2015-07-20-08-41-59-576x1024

I wish ebooks and that feature had existed when I was in college reading Bleak House by Dickens in my British Literature class. I got through that book by making extensive notes on the myriad characters in a…gasp…notebook! It would have been so much easier to keep them electronically and refer back to them in a Google Doc.

Of course, if I’d been able to find an X-Ray enabled version of the book for my Kindle, that might have been almost as good.

eReaders and their associated features almost make me want to go back to school.


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