Here, from CNN. So what are the implications for Google‘s archive-related rival, the Open Content Alliance? And by the way, publishers aren’t pleased, given their copyright-related differences with Google.

Important update, Aug. 11: Read Tom Peters’ ALA Tech Source post. Reportedly Google will be able to scan books for just $1-$2, compared to $30 via the OCA. True? Well, actually, there are some catches. At any rate, I’d love to see some updated info on the per-book costs of Google vs. OCA vs. DP-style projects.

The Google-money-making angle: Here, from if:book, which raises excellent questions. “…while Google’s venture may be more daring, more outrageous, more exhaustive, more—you name it—, the OCA may, in its slow, cautious, more idealistic way, be building the foundations of something far more important and useful.”


  1. Hi,

    I would love to see some publisher(s) sue an university, especially a public one. They won’t do it of course since they would get drubbed if not in courts (though I believe they would lose), then in Congress since however many politicians they can buy, they ain’t going to have the clout of the universities which are the one true modern embodiment of the medieval guilds with all the implied power.


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