Horror MastersFor many years, one of the best archives of classic horror online was HorrorMasters.com. Around 2011, though, it suddenly shuttered. Now it seems to be showing some signs of returning to life – or at least, zombie-like half-life. There’s a post on its home page stating “Need Your Horror Fix. Join HorrorMasters.com and stay in the loop,” with contact details, but no more information, for now.

Meantime, though, the site’s original contents have been preserved by Archive.org’s WayBack Machine. That includes a Classic Horror Main Library of 2,866 titles, many of them available nowhere else. Authors range predominantly from the 18th century onwards, with particularly strong representation for the Victorian and Edwardian heyday of the classic ghost story. The tales are mostly in PDF, but there’s also a smaller Palm OS Main Library of 765 titles in .prc which should be fine for most ePub e-readers.

Here you can find gems like ghost stories of Walter De La Mare unavailable elsewhere, or some of the horror tales of Arthur Gray. Just about every ghost story by celebrated general authors of the period/s, like Stephen Crane or Rudyard Kipling, are also included. Overall, it’s a real treasure trove, and until the former custodians restore it to us, the WayBack Machine has done a great job … um … embalming it for us.


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