screen-shot-2012-06-15-at-9-42-50-amHarperCollins recently announced a program to make all English-language e-book titles available around the world (and it’s about time, too!), but that’s not the only new initiative it’s launched lately. Another one is called “Epic Reads”, and is a digital community site aimed at getting teenagers connected with HarperTeen authors and books.

Apart from the main “Epic Reads” site, there are also subsites focused on dystopian and paranormal fiction, or romance, realistic, and contemporary fiction. The sites feature integration with social networks, homepages for authors, and forums. The site is a bit bare-bones at this point, but HarperCollins has plans for adding more features.

It remains to be seen just how well this plays out. Any marketing effort aimed at teens has a fine path to tread, as kids are at the awkward age where they still don’t act like adults but want to be treated as adults. If they think you’re talking down to them, they’ll be gone in a heartbeat.


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