BookExpo America

BookExpo America is this week and I’m headed to it.

Last year’s BEA was my firs time. It was overwhelming to say the least (read about it here).

I feel a little more prepared, however. I know what to wear. I know to bring a bigger bag, and I know it’s going to take all three days to make my way through that huge set up.

But here is something I want to know from our readers – what do you want?

Is there anything of particular interest you would like me to see or write about? Do you want me to post a lot of pictures from BEA? How about author interviews? There is so much going on at BEA, I want to make sure I get a chance to give you a chance to feel as though you are there too.

So hit the comments and let me know what you want to see from BookExpo America this week.

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  1. Having never been it’s hard to know what I’d like to see, but some pictures would be nice. NO on the author interviews. Yes to new, cool gadgets; upcoming releases; and perhaps reports on any seminars you attend.

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