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From the Kobo blog:

We’re thrilled to let you know the Kobo Touch has made its way to Japan. Since we first announced our plans and began pre-orders online, Kobo has had overwhelming response from Japanese consumers. Our eReader is so popular that it outsold the 100-million other products offered by Rakuten’s online marketplace – including water!

So where can Japanese customers find Kobo? You can get Kobo eReaders for sale at the following:

  • Online from Rakuten at  http://kobo.rakuten.co.jp
  • In-store at major electronics retailers including, Bic Camera, Sofmap, Joshin and Yodobashi Camera
  • In-store at major bookstores including Maruzen, Junkudo, Bunkyodo and in select Tsutaya stores

The Kobo Touch is available for the low price of ¥7,980 including tax (or $100 USD). The Kobo eReader is available in black, silver, blue and lilac.

Next stop, Italy!

(Via Kobo.)


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