If you’re a fan of military history or just like a good historical title for your eReader of choice, then head on over to the Air Force Historical Research Agency or the HyperWar section of ibiblio.  Jam-packed with research data, personal papers, images and more, you will find lots of neat and historical information!

With it’s origins in World War II and today having over “70,000,000 pages” of information, the Air Force Historical Research Agency is a great place to visit for both aviation and history buffs.  Using both my iPad and my Android phone, the web site scales really well on both devices and there are lots of things to do and see.  If you’re into aviation images, then you will find full-size downloads (like the one pictured on this post from the 459th) as well as image links to historical information such as World War II training found here:

How many of us have stayed in barracks similar to these?  Probably a lot of us!  However, don’t overlook the amount of information available as far as unit histories, commands and other Air Force Information.

Granted, some mobile reading devices will have some problems accessing the site and using the information located on it, but if you do have an iPad or Android or other modern mobile smart phone with access, then add this site to your list of reading resources!


Closely linked to the previous site, but at once distinctive and separate, is the HyperWar Section of ibiblio.org.  One of the most popular sites on the Internet for lots of different resources, information, history and computer information, the specific HyperWar section is an absolute treasure trove of digitized resources for your use.  One of the latest is the complete set of books titled:  Army Air Forces in World War II.

Nicely formatted in easy use HTML, your reading device should have no problems viewing and using the resources on this site.  With historical images, stories and more from all areas of World War II, what a way to supplement your current ebooks or printed information.  My only complaint about this is that it would be really nice to have a ePub version ready to download, but HTML is fairly easy to work with.  Other areas to consider on the HyperWar site include: Pacific Theater of Operations, Service Manuals on individual equipment and even Diplomatic history.  This can also serve as a great “jumping-off” point for the other resources profiled on the site.


Well, here’s to happy hunting and hope that you, like I did, find lots of good information for your reading device of choice.  I’ve included some links below, but also consider the ones in the post as well.


Air Force Historical Research Agency

HyperWar (ibiblio)


Images 1 and 2 courtesy Air Force Historical Research Agency

Image 3 (logo) courtesy HyperWar section of ibiblio


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