email.jpgReceived this email from Andrys Basten, who runs Kindleworld. Begins:

Re Nook/Sony: I read several nook user notes about their attempts to read Sony Adobe-DRM’d books.

They got it to work.

However, it hasn’t worked in the opposite direction due to something in Barnes & Noble’s odd handling of encryption of credit card info for their DRM.

Adobe will be working with B&N to try to solve this, they say.

As to how to read Sony DRM’d books on the Nook:

Re: Anyone tried side-loading a Sony ePub book yet?
12-13-2009 04:39 PM

I’ve personally transferred my entire library of Sony titles to my nook (and officially retired all of my Sony ebook readers!)

Steps required:

1. Upgrade to 3.1 of the Sony software so you have epub support.
2. Login and re-download all your titles.
3. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your system.
4. Plug in your nook and allow Adobe Digital Editions to activate it.
5. Import all the titles from the My Books folder used by the Sony software into Adobe Digital Editions.
6. Once imported the titles can be dragged and dropped inside the Adobe Digital Editions software onto your nook.

Eject the nook and enjoy reading your Sony purchased titles.


That’s the way it’s supposed to work. Leave it to B&N to do something
non-standard w/ a standardized format.


  1. Adobe has a FAQ about B&N ebooks

    B&N is using passworded ePubs. The next major release of Desktop Adobe Digital Editions will support passworded ePubs (e.g. B&N ePubs). The latest Adobe Reader Mobile SDK (version 9.1) includes support for passworded ePubs. However, no device vendor (with the possible exception of iRex in the DR800S) has implemented it yet. The Sony PRS-900 is probably using version 9.1 and the Onyx Boox 60 is definitely using 9.1 and neither one supports passworded ePubs.

    The lack of 3rd party passworded ePub support is somewhat moot, because B&N does not tell you what kind of ebook you are getting. So their ebooks could be eReader or ePub, and you can’t reliably buy ePub from them.

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