You won’t be seeing too much of me here for the next 4 to 6 weeks.  I will return to regular posting after that time.

In the meantime, we’ve arranged for Chris Walters to take over the daily posting duties, along with Chris Meadows of course.  Chris Walters runs the excellent BookSprung blog and we have regularly picked up Chris’ posts.

Welcome Chris, and I’ll see all of you in a month or so.

If you follow the site on Twitter, just keep doing so.  All postings will continue to be tweeted under the current @paulkbiba user name.


  1. Can something be done about the new “recent activity” window on the page? it makes it much harder to find threads with active commenting going on, since recent activity includes both new posts and new comments.

  2. Are there plans to allow Mac users with Safari to post again ? I have to come to my friends house each time I want to post … The Recent Act window is useless… I hope it is just work in progress … but judging by the numbers of posts in the last few days this site could go the way of the Dodo. People don’t hang around on the web very long before moving on.

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