InformationWeek has a look at the current frontrunners in the e-book device market, listing statistics and giving a rundown of the pros and cons of each device.

Covered devices include the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Plastic Logic Que, Skiff Reader, Sony Reader, Spring Design Alex, and Apple iPad. The article goes into a fair amount of detail about each device’s strengths and weaknesses.

It’s a great resource for people just considering getting into e-book devices.


  1. It’s nice to have the data all in one place but I did find some errors and omissions. They describe the Kindle battery as lasting a week and the Nook as lasting 10 days, if you leave the wireless off. In fact, if you leave he wireless off, a Kindle battery will last closer to two weeks. Also, in describing iPad pricing there is no mention of the monthly charge for 3G access. They also rate the Nook as having “global” access with no indication that, while you can download already purchased books through wifi, you cannot buy books outside of the US with a Nook– at least that’s what is says on the B&N site.

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