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From Goodereader:

On Friday the company is set to release The Professional Chef, the official textbook of the Culinary Institute of America. You might have heard about the institute via many late night ads addressing you to get a higher education. Anna normally lays it down at the end trying to get you to signup for information.

The book they are releasing also goes by the name Pro Chef. It is assigned to all students when they sign up in the program and a fair number of other culinary schools.

On Inkling, people can buy individual chapters of the book for $2.99 (there are 36 chapters in all) or the entire text for $49.99. Pro Chef on Inkling also has extra multimedia content including 100+ high-definition video tutorials of such techniques as how to slice cabbage or debone a lamb leg, which is really helpful if you aren’t actually attending a culinary school in real life.

More in the article.



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