intel-tablet_07Two-in-one tablets seem to be the order of the day for Microsoft and Intel.

ITProPortal has a story about Microsoft assisting developers creating dual-boot tablets that will run both Android 5 and Windows 10. So far, only Chinese manufacturers seem to be involved, though ASUS has shown interest in the past. I could see this ability being useful. When I briefly tried out a Windows tablet, I found it to be terrible as a tablet compared to Android but terrific as a micro-laptop. Having a two-in-one device that would do normal tablet things under Android but could be used to do full-fledged computer things under Windows would be great.

Meanwhile, Liliputing is carrying a look at an upcoming Intel reference tablet design that would have, among other things, a 6” e-ink display on the back. It could be used for low-power e-reading when the main display is powered off, or for displaying critical information, alert messages, or advertisements.

That’s far from the only design innovation in the tablet, which will also offer wireless charging and Thunderbolt and USB Type-C connectors, but it’s the most interesting one to me. I have seen plenty of assertions that e-ink will fade away as LCD tablets become more popular, but merging the two into one could provide the best of both worlds—color when you need it, but low-eyestrain, low-energy e-ink reading when you want it, too. (Found via The Digital Reader.)


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