images.jpegFrom a Digital Library Center (University of Florida) Blog Post:

There’s now an iPhone App specifically for the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)…dLOC was already included as one of the collections in an earlier app. The specialized app is simply targeted to dLOC alone.

This is just one more way to enjoy the amazing materials shared by so many partners who all contribute to and build the Digital Library of the Caribbean.

From the iTunes App Store Page:

Though the images and materials are already available on the web with significantly more information and detail than is feasible for the constraints of a mobile platform, we believe that these collections are beautiful in their own right, simply to view and interact with. To that end, and working in concert with the Digital Library Center staff, we’ve created SobekPH dLOC.

Direct to App (Free)

Direct to the Digital Library of the Caribbean Web Site

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