Kindle Worlds just got a little bigger.

J.A. Konrath announced that writers can now submit stories for Jack Daniels and Associates.

However, Konrath’s world is a little different as he explained on his blog. He loved the idea of Kindle Worlds when it was announced in 2013. Fans of a specific segment can create new stories using already created worlds and characters and make money off of it (as well as the original author).

Fan ficcers get a bad rap. We all learn to write (and speak, and walk) by imitation. Copyright does do some good in protecting intellectual property and allowing a writer to make money from the works they create, but it is also extremely stifling to ideas, creativity, and Art with a capital A. I’d love to write a Spenser book, or a new Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat, or a graphic novel where the Hulk beats the hell out of Superman and Spawn. But I don’t own those properties, and though they may inspire me, copyright law prevents me from using those characters.

Konrath didn’t initially join Kindle Worlds because he found the copyright rules “too restrictive.” Essentially he felt that characters created by the fan-fiction writers should be kept by those writers.

According to Konrath’s blog, he has been in talks with folks over at Amazon for about six months. And, it seems to have been worth it.

On March 3, Amazon is launching my Jack Daniels & Associates Kindle World. And thanks to a tremendous effort on the part of the KW team, the rules have been tweaked in the authors’ favor.

You can take any of my characters from eighteen of my novels, and write stories about them. I have no rules or boundaries, and you can mix and match. If you want to take the bad guys from Endurance and have Jack Daniels hunt them down, go for it. If you think Tequila and Phin would make great gay lovers, have at it. If you’re sick of Harry McGlade’s constant wisecracks, kill him off.

And your character can be the one to kill him.

There is more on Konrath’s blog, including a Q&A. Check it out.

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