Horror photographer and visual artist Joshua Hoffine has launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for his latest project, “Innsmouth: A Joshua Hoffine Photograph,” targeting $20,000. Yes, that’s $20,000 for a single photograph. But no ordinary photograph.

For one thing, Hoffine has cut his teeth on very bizarre and scary imagery. For exactly how scary, see here. And he has already produced a series of vignettes with hardly a CG rejig in sight: set pieces with real actors – really horribly made up.

The project outline explains:

The subject of INNSMOUTH is taken from H. P. LOVECRAFT’s 1931 tale The Shadow over Innsmouth. In this story a young man visits the decrepit seaside town of INNSMOUTH and is unexpectedly trapped overnight, facing a terrifying encounter with the townsfolk, a cult of mutant fish people and their deep sea gods, the DEEP ONES. JOSHUA’s INNSMOUTH photograph will be composed of an INNSMOUTH street with the story’s narrator surrounded by DEEP ONES. As a special treat, the amazing actor DOUG JONES is thrilled to play the part of the human narrator!

With 15 days still go to, the project has 108 backers and has collected $9,896 so far. The rewards are a range of collectibles (see photo above), masks, and props, some of them used in the actual creation of the photograph.

This could be the very last thing you ever want to see on your bedroom wall. But if you feel drawn to join the Innsmouth cult, don’t let me stop you …


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