6.jpgWe’ve had our own hosting problems now and then, so it was with sympathy that I received the following email from Stephen Windwalker about the Kindle Nation Daily.

Dear Kindle Nation Subscriber,

I’ve just returned from a delightful mini-vacation to get back to work on this week’s free Kindle Nation email newsletter, but I wanted to take a moment first to answer a question you may have had about web access to Kindle Nation Daily posts the past few days.

You Can Still Find Kindle Nation Daily on the Web

Somehow, during the course of what was otherwise a truly wonderful week, Google’s Blogger service stopped providing service to Kindle Nation Daily a little after midnight on Christmas morning. Although I was away from home and office and about the very important business of celebrating the holiday and my sweetie’s birthday, I took short-term steps to restore a service that I know is valued by thousands of citizens of Kindle Nation, at a new website address. We are currently working to strengthen the website’s infrastructure through a new hosting service, but for the present you can find Kindle Nation Daily posts at this website, and I encourage you to share this link or the shortened URL with your friends and colleagues in the Kindle community — it’s bit.ly/KNDBlog, with or without the http:// prefix. You can also find complete archives of past issues of the weekly email newsletter at http://bit.ly/KindleNationArchive. And when it’s time to move the Kindle Nation Daily website permanently, we intend to send out a timely email so that you’ll suffer no interruption in service.

We’ll also be working over the next few days to restore the website’s archival posts and other features, but meanwhile you can expect a fresh new edition of the free Kindle Nation weekly email newsletter in your inbox tomorrow, and subscribers to the Kindle edition of Kindle Nation Daily can expect an uninterrupted flow of daily posts as well.


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