IMG_20160529_165440_031A short but fascinating YouTube video, brought to light on the Kboards, reviews the Amazon Kindle Oasis in glowing terms  – at least regarding its hardware. There’s just one tiny problem. The reviewer has a great deal of trouble justifying its price and premium quality, when he can’t find anything worth reading.

In the era of Jonathan Franzen and James Patterson, I confess a sneaking sympathy for this point of view. But it’s definitely an issue for books written in our times that they are written in our times. And can’t help but be, in our times. All the time. Which obviously troubles the reviewer.

It’s a sad truth that the Kindle Oasis, for all its wonderful technology, will not save us from reality. Or history. Or politics. Perhaps we need the Apple Reality Distortion Field to do that? Or Project Gutenberg, to give us samples of other generations’ equally awful times? Or there’s always the possibility of escaping from contemporary dreadfulness by losing yourself in a good book on your Kindle Oasis. If you can find one, that is …


  1. Finally! Some crazy guy who doesn’t live in America.

    There are plenty of reasons to dislike Oasis and Amazon in general but this guy’s complaint? “You can’t get any books for it”?? Whew.

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