Kobo has joined Amazon and Barnes & Noble on the Hogwarts Express. The Bookseller reports that Kobo has launched its own Harry Potter e-book store. As with the others, it redirects customers to Pottermore to make the actual purchase, then allows them to link their Kobo and Pottermore accounts so they can download the books directly into their Kobo readers or apps.

A spokesperson for Kobo added: “Unique to Kobo, readers will also be able to track their progress in books with awards from Kobo Reading Life, and share their thoughts on exciting passages with Kobo Pulse. In addition, Kobo is the official e-reading partner of Facebook, letting readers easily update and chat with friends about Harry and his friends on Facebook.”

Apple, of course, is still stuck in the house at Number 4 Privet Drive, since its agency model is fundamentally incompatible with Pottermore’s sales-redirect model.

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