Apple may have forced usability downgrades on all of its ebookseller competition, but Kobo has found an amusing way to place an active link to its website back on the iOS app.

When the updated, store-free version of the Kobo app was released a couple of weekends ago, it replaced the store with a news feed that’s updated periodically. As The Digital Reader noted, this feed was bare when the new app first came out, but now that the media coverage has died down it’s displaying a few posts—and the topmost post has two forbidden items: a link to the online ebookstore, and an explanation that Apple forced the removal of the in-app store, something that Apple allegedly refused to let Kobo mention on the app’s product page (see the top-rated user comment by alanQuatermain for details).

Who knows whether Apple will allow Kobo to keep this news feed in its next update, but for now—and until it gets a working HTML5 version up and running—Kobo gets a point for coming up with a passable work-around.

Via The Digital Reader


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